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Graduation thesis and exam

The graduation session schedule is available at the link: http://www.scuolapsb.unina.it/index.php/laurea-ingegneria

The final exam consists in the discussion of a master's degree thesis written, in an original way, by the student under the guidance of one or more university supervisors. The thesis work can also be associated with an in-depth study on a topic addressed during the internship. Usually, the student identifies through informal interviews a teacher willing to entrust him with the thesis work. Alternatively, student can ask the Chair of MS MOVE to identify a supervisor. The supervisor is a professor or researcher belonging to the master’s degree course, but external teachers are equally entitled to carry out this task.

The thesis concerns activities of a theoretical, and/or numerical, and/or experimental nature, carried out in a university laboratory, in a research laboratory outside the university as well as in Italian and foreign companies and organizations. The activities must be included in a training period led by the university supervisor.

The final exam is taken by the Candidate in presence of a Commission headed by the Chair of MS MOVE or by another professor of the master’s degree course. The candidate is allowed to use audio-visual support. At the end of the presentation, each member of the Commission can address observations to the candidate, relating to the topic of the thesis work. The presentation usually lasts 15 minutes.